Top quality, fast turnaround earmoulds

20 things you may not know about Arlington Laboratories

  1. Arlington Laboratories was originally set up to make earmoulds for the pupils of Mary Hare School by its former Principal, Dr Ivan Tucker, in 1997.
  2. We’re an independent manufacturer with extensive experience in making earmoulds in all sizes, from newborns to adults.
  3. We work in a unique partnership with Mary Hare – a charitable organisation with long-term experience of working with those who are deaf.
  4. Every time you place an order with us you’re actively supporting a national charity for profoundly deaf children as 50% of our profits go to Mary Hare School.
  5. We are one of the largest earmould manufacturers in the UK with clients from NHS Trusts and registered hearing aid dispensers.
  6. We offer a reliable, expert service and can offer advice on impression techniques and earmould modifications.
  7. We only employ skilled technicians, who are trained to the highest standard and who use the latest technology available.
  8. We’ve recently introduced digital earmould production, for hard earmoulds, to complement our traditional production methods.
  9. We pride ourselves on our high quality and fast turnaround service - our paediatric division guarantees to produce and return children’s earmoulds on a 24hr turnaround.
  10. We offer 10 earmoulds free of charge, to new customers, so that you can see the quality of our products.
  11. 30-50 million people worldwide are exposed to dangerous noise levels every day, so we produce a range of custom fit hearing protection for occupational or recreational use.
  12. We’re based in a Grade 2* listed house on Greenham Common in West Berkshire called Greenham Lodge.
  13. We share our home with Mary Hare Primary School.
  14. Greenham Lodge was used as a base by General Eisenhower during the Second World War.
  15. We’re working towards our ISO 13485 accreditation, which is an internationally recognised quality management standard for the design and manufacture of medical devices.
  16. We have our own football team called Mouldy Ears F.C.
  17. Our longest serving member of staff is Cheong Yeap, who celebrated 20 years of service in November 1997.
  18. In 2000 we created the Better Hearing Initiative (BHI) with our partners, Starkey Hearing Technologies, to assist children to wear their hearing aids with pride.
  19. We produce a quarterly newsletter called LAB NEWS. You can sign up here.
  20. Oh, and finally, we enjoy our work!