2021 BHI brochure coverThe new Better Hearing Initiative (BHI) character brochure for 2021 is out now.

A key element of the hearing aid fitting is the custom made earmould that couples the hearing aid to the ear.

It’s not uncommon for children with permanent hearing loss to be a little self-conscious, embarrassed or to think they may be teased about wearing their hearing aids, especially with their peer group. Any steps that can be taken to encourage hearing aid use are to be welcomed and applauded.

This is why Arlington Laboratories set out, along with our partner Starkey Hearing Technologies, to devise a technique to insert a picture into the earmould at the development stage. This technique became revolutionary within the hearing aid industry. The range of designs includes football and rugby team crests, well known childrens' TV characters, princesses and animals.

Mr. Men 50th anniversary features on front cover

The popular characters from the Mr. Men series take center stage on the cover of the 2021 BHI brochure as they celebrate their 50th birthday. Roger Hargreaves created these colourful characters in 1971, with the first being Mr. Tickle.

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