shutterstock 1725368665 smallWith temperatures set to rocket at the end of the week, now’s a great time to find out about our top tips on heatwave hearing aid care.

The heat is not your hearing aids’ friend and can do them some serious damage. But if you follow our easy care guide you and your hearing aids will be able to enjoy lots of fun, with your family and friends, in the sun.

Storage wars

Proper storage is really important for maintaining your hearing aids and batteries. Make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place and not in direct sunlight or in extreme heat, like inside your car.

Excessive heat can damage the delicate elements of your hearing aid, shortening its life. And, as the outer casing is made of plastic, it could melt in very high temperatures. But damage isn’t just caused by the heat. Changes in temperature, caused by things like going from a cool, air-conditioned room into the blazing hot sunshine, can make moisture develop inside your hearing aid.

At night, open the battery door to allow dry, fresh air to move through your hearing aid and release moisture.

Preventing unwanted guests

The hot, humid weather is ideal for germs, bacteria and fungi to grow and thrive, so regular cleaning is essential to keep your hearing aids free of unwanted guests. Keep cleaning cloths handy and don’t allow moisture to sit on your hearing aids.

Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen

Sunscreen has oils that can damage hearing aids, so apply lotions or sprays completely before putting on your hearing aids. Be sure that the sunscreen is fully rubbed in or dry before putting your hearing aids back on or the oils will seep into open seams and microphone ports or vents.

Sink or swim

If you fancy a dip to cool down, don’t wear your hearing aids in the pool unless they're proper waterproof ones. Water–resistant hearing aids and accessories will withstand things like splashes and the rain, but they won’t survive if they’re submerged in water when you go swimming.

Keep cool and stay sun safe.