shutterstock 1675654675Arlington Laboratories have been able to reunite a lost hearing aid with its owner thanks to an eagle-eyed dog walker.

The hearing aid, which was still attached to its earmould, was found in woods on the Isle of Wight. The lady who found it noticed the earmould had our serial number engraved on it and contacted us.

We were able to find out who the owner of the lost hearing aid and earmould was, by looking up the serial number on our system. We then contacted the audiology department at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport, who fitted the hearing aid, to let them know.

The audiology team put the relieved mother of the young boy who’d lost his hearing aid in touch with the lady who found the aid and the two have arranged for the hearing aid to be collected.

The mother of the hearing aid wearer was over the moon that it had been located and the lady who found the hearing aid was really happy that she’d been able to help.

We're so pleased that we've been able to play a part in this good news story of kindness, community spirit and teamwork in these uncertain times.