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Musicians hearing protectors

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings. They are often exposed to high levels of sound for long periods, this is why hearing protection is essential to prevent damage to the ears.

ER-Series musicians earplugs are flat-response attenuators which replicate the natural response of the open ear, so that sound heard through these plugs has the same quality as the original sound, just quieter. Unlike traditional earplugs which distort music by muffling sound musicians earplugs are designed to protect your hearing while delivering clear sound - available with 9dB, 15dB and 25dB filters.

ER-Series musicians earplugs have been developed with different attenuations, providing either more or less protection relevant for the level of sound. The filters are interchangeable to meet the needs of the musicians environment. Both models of musicians earplugs come in 60 shore clear silicone. 

ER-Series musicians earplugs are available with the following filters:

9 - Suitable for use under light noise exposure, such as vocalists and acoustic guitar or string players.

15  - For use under medium noise exposure, ideal for most musicians.

25 - Suitable for heavy noise conditions, e.g. heavily amplified instruments, percussion or bass players.

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9 dB ER-Series musicians earplugs ER9
15 dB ER-Series musicians earplugs ER15
25 dB ER-Series musicians earplugs ER25