Arlington stand 1Arlington Laboratories were delighted to exhibit at the 16th Annual Conference of the British Academy of Audiology (BAA) in Liverpool on 14 and 15 November 2019.

The BAA is the largest association of professionals in hearing and balance in the UK. Their membership extends internationally and provides services in both the public and private sector.

We were really pleased to have the opportunity to show off our new range of hearing protection products for the first time.

The Worksafe PRO range are specially made for safety at work. These soft silicone filtered earplugs provide both comfort, and noise attenuation in work environments. The contain interchangeable filters depending on the level of noise attenuation you require.

Musicians are often exposed to high levels of sound for long periods. This is why hearing protection is essential to prevent damage to the ears. The Performer and Protector range use flat-response attenuators, so that sound heard through the filters has the same quality as the original sound, just quieter.


Hearing protection

Magical Mystery Tour

In the evening there was time to explore and take in some of the sights within the vibrant and creative heart of Liverpool’s city centre.

Cavern Club 2

Lennon statue

Cilla statue

Lennon peace statue