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Work Safe Pro Filtered Silicone Noise Plugs

This type of product has a sound bore through the mould into which a filter is fitted. This permits reception of conversational speech, aeration and changes in air pressure in the users ear canal. A choice of filter depending upon need, acts to attenuate the noise by varying degrees at each frequency.

EM2165 Bachmaier Worksafe Mould

There are a range of filters to suit various working environments. One pair of filters are included with the Work Safe Pro Filtered Noise Plugs - please specify when ordering.

ENG12 017 Bachmaier Filters crop

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Work Safe Pro Filtered Silicone Noise Plug (specify filter required) EM2165
Filter - Alpha ENG12 - 017
Filter - I ENG12 - 018
Filter - II ENG12 - 019
Filter - III ENG12 - 021
Mould cord 17" ENG40-044