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Worksafe PRO Filtered Silicone Noise Plugs

shutterstock 624512762Specially made for safety at work, these soft silicone filtered earplugs provide both comfort, and noise attenuation in work environments.

The silicone is highly stable, has high tensile strength, and will withstand most chemicals. Each filter is interchangeable, easy to clean and dirt resistant. The design of the mould ensures the filter is held securely in the silicone.

Choose the filter based on the level of noise attenuation you require – the Alpha filter will protect against most situations.

bachmaier work digital alpha 1 wz new crop

One pair of filters are included with the Worksafe PRO Filtered Noise Plugs - please specify when ordering.

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Worksafe PRO Filtered Silicone Noise Plug (specify filter required) EM2165
Filter - Alpha ENG12 - 017
Filter - I ENG12 - 018
Filter - II ENG12 - 019
Filter - III ENG12 - 021
Mould cord 17" ENG40-044