HARS Essential Servicing

It is vital that your hearing aids are cleaned and checked at least every 6 months. This will insure they are kept in good working order and are delivering your full hearing experience.  It will also prevent aids failing and requiring costly repairs which may not be covered under warranty if your aids are new.

From conversations with our customers, we realise that many of you are unsure of how to maintain your aid properly and worry you will cause long term damage by your actions. That’s why we offer our HARS Essential servicing as our highly trained technicians know exactly how to maintain your aids and keep them working to their full potential.

This means you can enjoy all the benefits of regular hearing aid maintenance with the peace of mind that your Hearing aids are being cared for properly and staying in good working order.

We think this offers great value for money when you consider the purchase price of your hearing aids.

(This service will not affect your existing retailer’s warranty)


Don’t want to be without your aid? Why not drop your aid off to us and we will undertake your essential servicing while you wait (by appointment only)


Price - £60 (+ £8.50 Postage) for one

             £90 (+ £8.50 Postage) per pair

(No HARS warranty with this service)


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