This Deaf Awareness Week we at the Hearing Centre are partnering with the school to raise money for the Ivan Tucker Bursary Scheme.

The Ivan Tucker Bursary Scheme -  supporting Mary Hare School's core work. You can help by making a donation to the Ivan Tucker Bursary Fund to help more deaf young people get the start they deserve, in those crucial years of their education.

Dr Ivan Tucker OBE was Principal of Mary Hare School from 1987 – 2004. He continued as CEO until he retired in 2011. Ivan was a passionate leader who believed that every deaf young person deserves the opportunity to develop their language skills to the full and have the chance to access the full national curriculum. This bursary scheme bears his name as a testament to the many years that Ivan dedicated to the education of deaf young people.

All donations throughout this week will go to the scheme. 

To donate click here