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Stress and hearing loss

8 Oct 2020

High levels of stress can be linked to a variety of health problems. Constant elevated levels of stress means the body doesn’t receive a clear signal to return to normal, as it does when the stress is acute or traumatic. That can lead to serious health problems such as; heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other illnesses. In turn, these conditions can affect your hearing.

If you missed our Online Open Day you haven't missed out

26 Aug 2020

If you missed our Online Open Day, which took place last week, you haven't missed out! You can watch a video of the event at your leisure.

HARS badges now FREE with every Standard Repair

11 Aug 2020

The Hearing Aid Repair Shop (HARS) has produced some badges for people who lipread and find it difficult to communicate with people wearing face masks

Mary Hare Hearing Centre to hold it's first Online Open Day

11 Aug 2020

Due to the current circumstances, Mary Hare Hearing Centre can't hold their usual Open Day, so their holding it online instead.

How to prevent heatwave hearing aid damage

5 Aug 2020

With temperatures set to rocket at the end of the week, now’s a great time to find out about our top tips on heatwave hearing aid care.

Advice for wearing a face mask with hearing aids

24 Jul 2020

As new face covering rules come into force in England we have some advice on wearing a face mask with hearing aids

Waxing lyrical

16 Jul 2020

Ear wax actually does several very useful things. It protects the skin in the ear canal, acts as a defence against dirt and bacteria, and helps to clean and lubricate the ear. But you can have too much of a good thing and excess ear wax can prevent your hearing aids from working properly.

Acrylic earmould production goes digital

8 Jul 2020

Arlington Laboratories are now producing all hard acrylic earmoulds digitally using their 3D printer.

How to prolong the life of your hearing aid batteries

7 Jul 2020

A single hearing aid battery typically lasts between 3 – 10 days depending on your amount of hearing aid use, streaming, and how you care for your hearing aids. To maximise the life of your batteries and optimise the performance of your hearing aids, there are several steps you can take.

A view from the NHS frontline

10 Jun 2020

HARS client Julia, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at an NHS Urgent Care Centre in Essex, shared her experiences of working on the frontline during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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