David Dean noticed his hearing deteriorating over a period of 13 years. He started having to get people to repeat things and was trying to tell what people were saying by the expressions on their faces. It got to a point when it was affecting his lifestyle and he was stopping doing things he enjoyed. It even affected his relationship with his wife, Ann. Ann effectively became his interpreter, explaining what people had actually said after events. And Ann felt David’s hearing loss was isolating for both of them. David had hearing aids fitted, but didn’t find them to be much help.

Ann and David moved away from Newbury, having lived there for many years. So on a visit to see family, David paid a visit to us for an assessment. Compared to his previous experience, David found our assessment process far more thorough and professional. And our audiologist asked him many more questions to find out more details on his way of life.

Following this initial assessment David was fitted with some wireless, state of the art hearing aids. And after some fine tuning, to personalise the hearing aids to suit his specific needs, David experienced an “immediate, dramatic improvement.” And Ann “couldn’t believe the change and the difference.”
“They’ve given me a quality of life that I was losing”, said David. “They have enhanced my life and I’m a younger man for it!”


Watch the video to see more of David and Ann’s story: