Choosing a hearing aid

The truth about hearing aids

Today’s hearing aids are more advanced, smaller, more discreet and more stylish than ever before. Some sit behind the ear, while others are completely invisible. They also include different levels of technology to suit your specific needs and budget. You can stream stereo sound from TVs and radios directly to some hearing aids and talk on your phone hands-free, amongst other things.

Once you have hearing aids, the chances are that your quality of life will greatly improve. Research on people with hearing loss and their families and friends has shown that hearing aids play a big part in a person's social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Treatment of hearing loss has been shown to improve:

  • Communication in relationships
  • Intimacy and warmth in family relationships
  • Ease in communication
  • Sense of control over your life
  • Social participation
  • Physical health
  • Earning power
  • Reduction in the chances of developing dementia and related problems

When you think about all the benefits of better hearing, you’ll see all the positive opportunities that hearing aids can create to change your life.

While hearing aids are not as good as natural, healthy hearing, they are designed to let you hear soft sounds that you couldn't hear before and prevent loud sounds from becoming unbearable. They will also help to improve your ability to understand speech, even in noisy places like restaurants and shopping malls.


Choosing the right hearing aids

Only highly trained hearing professionals, like the audiologists at Mary Hare Hearing Centre, can determine the severity of your hearing loss, whether or not you could benefit from a hearing aid and which type would be best for you. When choosing a hearing aid, you should consider things like; the nature and severity of your hearing loss, your lifestyle and the activities you regularly take part in, your job, your eyesight and dexterity and the size and shape of your outer ear and inner ear canal.

Take a look at some of the hearing aid styles available.


Top-end technology

There are 6 major manufacturers of hearing aids, all offering similar levels of features and benefits. We usually supply hearing aids made by Starkey or Oticon.

Today's hearing aids still amplify sounds, as they've always done, but thanks to advances in technology they're much smarter and more selective in what they amplify.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Hearing comfortably in challenging environments, such as restaurants and social gatherings
  • Working with your smartphone to stream phone calls, music and more direct to your hearing aids
  • Hands-free connectivity with your favourite digital devices and wireless accessories
  • Using artificial intelligence to perform tasks such as body and brain tracking, fall detection, language translation, remote programming and much more
  • Fitting advanced hearing solutions into smaller and smaller products, making them so tiny they can rest completely in your ear canal so they're virtually undetectable when worn

Our audiologists will work with you to find the right hearing aid to suit you and achieve the best results. What's more we offer a trial period tailored to meet your individual needs, so you can be sure you're totally happy that we've reached your ultimate hearing solution.

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