About Mary Hare School

50% of our profits go to Mary Hare School

Over the past 24 years, Mary Hare School in Newbury, Berkshire has developed a number of businesses that contribute financially to the school and support of its core focus - the education of deaf children and young people. In 2006 Mary Hare Hearing Centre opened in Weavers Walk in Newbury town centre. By choosing one of our products you’re actively supporting the education of deaf children and young people from across the UK.

Mary Hare take children from Year 1 to Year 13 (aged 5-19) across both their Primary and Secondary sites. Mary Hare is the largest school for the deaf in the UK taking both day and boarding pupils. Mary Hare uses the oral communication method so no use of BSL in classes - pupils thrive on learning to use their voice and the use of English is really important!

English is the language of the national curriculum and of the outside world. Mary Hare wants their students to have good language skills, helping them to achieve better grades. Mary Hare believe this will give them more choice as they move into their futures.

'Pupils are proud of their school and talk with excitement and passion about all aspects of their education here. Their enthusiasm for learning and appreciation of the opportunities the school provides are both heartening and humbling' (Ofsted 2020)

To find out more visit the Mary Hare School website.


There are lots of ways you can support Mary Hare School. The Mary Hare Foundation is a registered charity and raises funds for the school.
Find out more about supporting the Foundation or making a donation to the Mary Hare Primary School Appeal.


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