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Miss Mary HareWho was Mary Hare?

Mary Hare was born on November 3rd 1865.  She was one of a family of ten.

She was a remarkable woman, establishing a Brighton based uniformed women's police force as well as being an active suffragette. However her foremost achievement was as the Founder of an oral school for deaf children which has now become the UK's largest non-maintained special school for the deaf.

Mary Hare's ethos was that deafness was not a mental disability but rather a sensory impairment that presents the deaf child with additional barriers to learning. At the time this was quite a unique approach. To this day, Mary Hare School continues to fulfil her vision for the auditory/oral education of deaf children. Mary Hare died in 1945 two days after her 80th birthday. She wrote in her will, 'my efforts on behalf of the Deaf have been my greatest joy in life.'

2E0B8227What makes Mary Hare Hearing Centre different?

Mary Hare Hearing Centre opened in Weavers Walk in Newbury town centre in 2006. It supports the work of Mary Hare to this day by donating 50% of its profits towards the education of deaf children at Mary Hare School.

Mary Hare Hearing Centre is different from any other hearing care provider in Newbury as it’s the only dedicated hearing centre in the town, open Monday - Saturday, with experienced and highly qualified audiologists on-site 5 days a week.

Why choose Mary Hare Hearing Centre?

Mary Hare has been a trusted name in hearing care for over 100 years. Thanks to our excellent service and audiological expertise many of our new customers have been personally recommended to us by existing clients.

We value our outstanding reputation and good name across West Berkshire and beyond. For us, maintaining our own high standards and providing the best quality hearing care are paramount.

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